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Colorful Buildings
Colorful Buildings

I share it with you

I finally took the plunge and invested in what today drives me to fulfil my dream.


Designing beautiful and fashionable pieces.

Playing with colours and shapes.

Gathering my thoughts and reviewing many beautiful options.

I offer designs that I can customise based on your requirements.

I love what I do

As a working mum, it has been tough to find the time to develop my passion in jewellery and fashion.

Each day is always so busy.


Making the time to focus on that extra something I needed in my life was hard, but I made it possible.


That  "I Will Do It!" attitude that keeps me going is always here with me.


You are Number One

I remember loving browsing through typical gorgeous ecclectic French boutiques when I was young. That abundance of jewellery, eccentric clothes, glitter decorative pieces everywhere, the shine, the glitter, I loved it!

My work is inspired by my French and Sicilian origins. 

Enhancing people's natural beauty and cosy homes.

Listening to what people want. 

A thought for a day.

A treasure for a night.

Angelique  x

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